Old Bakery

Your authentic stay

The burgher house "Old Bakery/ Stará Pekárna", an authentic accommodation, is located in the heart of Znojmo, Czech Republic, since the 13th century. It stands out for its combination of various artistic styles from Gothic, through Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and develops to the present day. Unique is the cellar or diamond vault in the entrance hall, the preserved oven "Old Bakery", which has 350 year of baker tradition, as well as the Gothic log cabin in the courtyard of the house.

Since 2015, the current owners, Valerie and David Kozelští, have been reconstructing this cultural monument with the sensitivity and offer the unique accommodation in several apartments with original floors and structures. As this house was a rental house, always occupied by tens of people, it now comes alive again, after many years of decay, thanks to guests who enter and experience the unique Genius loci.

Valerie and David have been inspired in many countries where they have lived. Mainly influenced by France, where they discovered the magic of incorporating the old into the new interior and "art de vivre", i.e. seeing beauty in everyday details and simplicity. They, afterwards, spent two beautiful years in Taiwan. Here they were touched by the authenticity and the living beauty of nature and people. Taiwan gave them the space to connect with their soul, leave the lucrative life in Prague and find their own way. It was with those experiences, visions and emotions that the Old Bakery was created. People should find peace and rest in spaces that are primarily white and minimalist.

The current capacity is 23 people. The main building is reconstructed, including a pompous entrance with the diamond vault and a courtyard. The interior facade is finished. Do not be discouraged by the dilapidated facade and enter :-).

The Cabinet of Illustrations - photographs, a gift shop of "Znojmo delicacies" or Czechoslovak art and design - including the well-known Bandaska vases from the Dechem studio, was recently created here. Illustrator Dagmar Skokanová and photographer Jakub Skokan, in addition to their own work, surround themselves with the work of their friends. Illustrations, photographs, books, jewelry, toys, vases, and other design souvenirs with the Znojemsko leitmotif.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the house with a character! 

Do not be discouraged by the old facade and enter, you will be thrilled.