A delicious and healthy breakfast can be purchased opposite our house at the Balance coffee & wine. 

Or other options few minutes from our house are possible. 


Velka Mikulasska 10, Open from 8am. Closed on Monday.

Kindly order 1 day in advance in the Balance coffee

Water + 2 dcl orange or apple juice + coffee (espresso/lungo/cappuccino)

OR tea And 1 selected breakfest...please select:

  • Sandwiches 2 pcs (ricotta, rukola, betroot, cheese)
  • Sandwiches 2 pcs (ricotta, rukola, cherry tomato, schwarzwald ham)
  • Plated plate (according to menu - pastry + butter + most of the combination of salt - cheese / Schwarzwald ham + sweet - jam)

BREAKFAST IN GaP: Gallery and Space

Kollárova 27, Znojmo

Mon-Fri from 8: 00 am, SAT-SU from 9: 00am

Discounted breakfast menu (offer is valid until 11:00 am): Breakfast + hot drink + juice 120, -

Porridge with fresh fruits, seeds and nuts

- millet or rice porridge, served with agave or date syrup, gluten-free and lactose-free 65, -

Yoghurt bowl with fruit and muesli

- Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, seeds, nuts and muesli, served with agave or date syrup 65, -

Scrambled eggs

- 2 pieces of eggs, vegetable garnish and homemade bread with caraway seeds 65, -

Spreading board

- 2 kinds of homemade spreads, vegetables and homemade bread with caraway seeds 60, -

Croissant rolls with homemade jam and butter 55, -

Baked toasts with gorgonzola pear and nuts with salad 85, -

Other breakfast options:

Cafe Mlsný kocour (opposite our house): start the day with coffee and cheescak.

Charles' Bakery (Karlova pekárna) on Masaryk Square