Parking is available paid or unpaid near the house.

Do not hesitate to arrive in front of our house. Short parking max 20 minutes for unloading / loading is allowed.


We have 3 parking places near the house for 200 CZK=8 EUR per night). Please book in advance.

1. street Zelenářská 23: 2 places (4 min walk): 

  • behind the gate, high limitation, a van cannot park here.

2. street Kollárova 24: 1 place (8 min walk):

  • behind the gate, in the garage, hight and width limitation, only experienced driver max width as Skoda Octavia


  • 100 m from the house: on Masaryk Square: paid Monday-Friday 8-17 h, Saturday 8-12 hours (1.hour 10 CZK, 2.hour 30, 3. and each additional 40 CZK), except for these times FREE. Park perpendicular to the square. Longitudinal parking spaces are for residents.

FREE (sorted by the certainty of parking from the most certain)

  • 600 m from the house (8 min. walk): on Kozeluzska street: below the town by the river Thaya. Anywhere in this street or in the parking lot at the Museum of motorism (Kozeluzska 44)
  • 400 m from the house (5 min. walk): on Dyjska street: just below the courthouse there are several parking spaces, which are free from the afternoon
  • 500 m from the house (6 min. walk): on the street 17. listopadu or Roosveltova (streets that lead from a big circle).